Birchwood BMW would like to introduce you to our Factory Order program where we take you through a tour and specially design your next vehicle using our suite of real leather samples, actual custom paint options, trim finishers, and accessory customization during your one-on-one consultation in our personalization studio.

    Custom ordering your perfect BMW has never been easier and is the best way to get you behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s 100% equipped just the way you want.


    why factory order your bmw?

    Custom ordering ensures you are only selecting and paying for the features and options you want with no unnecessary extras.

    Customize every detail of your BMW including the exterior colour, design package as well as wheels. Choose your grade of leather or special-order cloth, your wood or aluminum trim finishers, as well as any technological option that suits your needs. You have the freedom to design your BMW to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece suited exactly to your personal style and needs.


    Factory Ordering FAQ

    The timeframe for your Factory Order can vary, as supply chain constraints can have an effect on these timeframes. In general, expect a 3-6 month wait from the time of order to the arrival of your custom designed BMW. Throughout the build process, our team will update you each step of the way!


    This is a general misconception, ordered vehicles cost the same as a vehicle sitting on our lot. In fact, in some cases you can often pay less because you will avoid paying for features and options that don’t suit your needs.


    Yes, a 10% deposit is needed (with some exceptions) in order to place your custom order. If you plan to place a down payment on your new vehicle or purchase the vehicle outright, this deposit can be applied towards that balance. If you intend to lease or finance, 100% of the deposit will be returned to you in full or partially once your contract is signed and you take delivery of the vehicle.


    At the time your order is placed, the price of your vehicle will be determined. Since incentive programs and rebates can vary month-to-month, we can only provide you with an estimate of your potential monthly payment. Once we determine the exact month your vehicle will be delivered you will be able to take advantage of current programs and incentives at that time.


    If you currently lease a BMW vehicle, we can assist you with a lease extension up to 6 months to help bridge the gap between your current lease expiring and your new vehicle arriving.


    Yes of course! We respect your preferred method of transaction and are prepared to help you complete and submit your custom BMW Factory Order via phone, e-mail or even text! We do recommend that you come see your color selections in person, but if this is not an option or preference, we are happy to adapt and work on your order by your preferred method.


    Get in touch, call or text us at 1 (204) 400-5970 or email [email protected]

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