If your vehicle is being serviced, Birchwood BMW has a variety of transportation options available, as well as two customer lounges with all the amenities you would expect.

    We guarantee mobility one of the following five ways:

    • Courtesy Vehicle: Provided from our fleet of BMW service loaners.
      (Requires pre-booking)
    • Valet Service: We can pick up your vehicle, bring it to the dealership for servicing, and return it to you when your vehicle is ready.
      (Requires pre-booking)
    • Service Loaner Valet: We can also accommodate those who would like a BMW loaner vehicle, but would like it delivered to them. We will bring the vehicle to your location, pick up your vehicle for service, and then return your vehicle and pick up the loaner when service is complete.
      (Requires pre-booking)
    • Taxis (On demand)
    Birchwood BMW