Steve Payne

Photo of Steve Payne General Manager Contact

Ben Kuilman

Photo of Ben Kuilman Sales Manager Contact

Nicole Garcia

Photo of Nicole Garcia Sales Manager Contact

Steven Weber

Photo of Steven Weber Sales Manager Contact

Greg Hart

Photo of Greg Hart Fixed Operations Manager Contact

Randy Ritchot

Photo of Randy Ritchot Parts Manager Contact

Ashley Newburn

Photo of Ashley Newburn Assistant Service Manager Contact

Sales Department

Chris Barley

Photo of Chris Barley Sales Consultant Contact

Khairul Pial

Photo of Khairul Pial Sales Consultant Contact

Kyle Dech

Photo of Kyle Dech Sales Consultant Contact

Patrick Hasselmann

Photo of Patrick Hasselmann Sales Consultant Contact

Paul Luo

Photo of Paul Luo Sales Consultant Contact

Solomon Amoah

Photo of Solomon Amoah Sales Consultant Contact

Financial Services

Alex Dixon

Photo of Alex Dixon Financial Services Manager Contact

Gaoxiang Bi

Photo of Gaoxiang Bi Financial Services Manager Contact

Administration and Support

Alycia Currie

Photo of Alycia Currie Sales Administrator Contact

Aubree Palcat

Photo of Aubree Palcat Warranty Administrator/Pre-Owned Advisor Contact

Regine Tolentino

Photo of Regine Tolentino Sales Administrator Contact

Service Department

Bill Hagidiakow

Photo of Bill Hagidiakow Service Consultant Contact

Bryan Livingston

Photo of Bryan Livingston Service Consultant Contact

Emily Burns

Photo of Emily Burns Luxury Service Consultant Contact

Parth Patel

Photo of Parth Patel Service Consultant Contact

Francis Balala

Photo of Francis Balala Shop Foreman

Benwen Sun

Photo of Benwen Sun Technician

Daniel Skakum

Photo of Daniel Skakum Technician

Jake Ramilo

Photo of Jake Ramilo Apprentice Technician

Jayson Balala

Photo of Jayson Balala Technician

Lionel Verrando

Photo of Lionel Verrando Technician

Martin Wasik

Photo of Martin Wasik Technician

Melvin Guinto

Photo of Melvin Guinto Technician

Nick Hooper

Photo of Nick Hooper Technician

Parts Department

Bennett Scott

Photo of Bennett Scott Parts Consultant Contact

Clifford Amoyo

Photo of Clifford Amoyo Parts Consultant Contact

Tom Parkin

Photo of Tom Parkin Parts Consultant Contact

Walker Rambo

Photo of Walker Rambo Parts Consultant Contact

Eugene Hernandez

Photo of Eugene Hernandez Parts Shipper/Receiver